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24k Gold Serum

24k Gold Serum

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24K Sun Glow Glass Skin Serum



Achieve radiant, youthful skin with our 24K Sun Glow Glass Skin Serum. This luxurious serum is formulated to boost collagen, smooth, tighten, and restore your skin’s natural beauty. Infused with precious 24 karat gold flakes, it enhances collagen production, providing an alternative to Botox for maintaining a youthful appearance. The potent blend of cucumber seed oil, Egyptian black seed oil, green coffee bean oil, and wild plum oil nourishes and revitalizes your skin, leaving it with a luminous, glass-like glow.




Cucumber Seed Oil

Egyptian Black Seed Oil

Green Coffee Bean Oil

Wild Plum Oil

24 Karat Gold Flakes

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